Cease Striving; a perfectionist’s perspective

Years of my life and God’s work have gone into this series. I have wondered how and when, and even if, to share this. Though I’m still wondering, it seems now is the time. I have for several years described myself as a recovering perfectionist. I have seen perfectionism in others and heard one refer to themselves as “recovering.” I hope this series speaks to someone. I don’t know exactly how this will play out, but I expect there will be a few to several installments. I’m trying to let God write this series without getting in His way. It is because He chose to allow me to be involved in its production you will find it isn’t perfect.

Remember, God is big enough that He loves every one of us and holds us all in His protective hand. His shoulders are broad enough to carry all our worries; He is strong enough to hear when we are angry. Yet, He makes himself small enough to fit into our hearts so He will be with us when we follow Him. He hears our every whisper and wish.

Please join me as I try to share a perfectionist’s perspective.

Cease Striving: What’s in a Name?

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