Sources & Resources

The challenge

100 Days of Real Food — the challenges we did, called mini pledges on 100 Days’ site, as well as some simple whole food recipes and tips.

Nutrition information on whole foods

World’s Healthiest Foods — search to find the best food sources for the nutrients you seek, which nutrients a food contains, other tips and how it all affects your health. Recipes too.


Deliciously Organic — a wee bit more involved recipes, but like the name says, Delicious! Lots of gluten and grain free recipes too.

GNOWFGLINS — God’s Natural Organic Food Grown Locally in Season. Great recipes, tips and information.

Food Network — Giada, Alton and Ina are my favorites. Many of their recipes can be modified for whole foods.

The Willing Cook — Our favorite site for families with allergies. If needed, recipes can be modified for whole foods.

Farms, CSAs and local foods

Local Harvest — to search for farms, CSAs or farmers’ markets near you

Carriage House Farm — where we volunteered this summer, and hope to again. Awesome knowledgeable people, incredible food, sustainable practices. Vegetables, herbs, cornmeal and don’t forget the honey!

Gravel Knolls — our other wonderful CSA. Very friendly folks, great produce, pastured eggs and chicken and sometimes other meats. Organic practices. Stop in and give Milton the dog a belly scratch. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it.

Grassland Graze — wonderful grass fed beef. Purchase in 50 lb packs for a discount.

Snowville Creamery — located in southeastern Ohio. We hope to go for the annual open house tour this spring. Non-homogenized, HTST milk.

CORV — Central Ohio River Valley Local Foods Guide, find local food at farmers’ markets and restaurants.

Green BEAN Delivery — Local, organic produce delivered, fresh to your door.

Locally Harvested for You — order locally & sustainably produced food.

Farmers’ Markets

Northside Farmers’ Market — open all year long, attended by Carriage House, Meadow Maid — grass fed organic cheese (some raw milk cheese available), Fab Ferments and more.

Lettuce Eat Well Farmers’ Market — year round at Harvest Home Park, local and sustainably grown food.

Weber’s Farm — in Harrison, Ohio. Shop the red barn during the summer for low spray produce.

Findley Market — open all year, many local and organic options available.

What’s in my food and other Health information

Organic vs Natural — information on the difference

Organic vs healthy — just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it’s a healthy, whole food

Leptin — what it is and how it affects your overall health and weight

Grass fed milk — this article discusses the benefits of milk from grass fed cows

Grass fed beef — this article discusses the benefits of grass fed beef

Food, Inc. — the official site of the movie that takes a closer look at what we don’t know about the food we eat. The movie can be borrowed from the Cincinnati Library system.

Vegan & Vegetarian — I believe with careful attention to your diet, you can get nearly all you need from plant sources. This article presents another view for your consideration.

Cloned meat — this article discusses meat from cloned animals

Lab produced meat — I think I’ll leave animal creation to God.

Real Milk — You cannot legally buy raw milk in Ohio, though you can have it by owning your own cow or being in a herdshare. At least until the government takes that right away too. I believe it is a very safe option, if you are or know the farmer.

Understanding Grains — a guide to better understanding which grains are whole or refined.

Wood you eat that? — article about wood added to foods to increase fiber

Sicker & Dumber — article that asks Is What We Eat Making Us Sicker and Dumber

More to come…….

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