1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Packaged foods with only 1, 2 , 3, 4 or 5 ingredients.

1 Ingredient

Herbs, spices, Meijer organic whole wheat pastas, Meijer organic unsweetened applesauce, Sunbutter organic, Meijer organics green tea bags, Meijer organic brown rice or other whole grain packaged or in bulk bins (like at Whole Foods), Dry beans, nuts or seeds prepackaged or from bulk bins, Meijer organics whole bean coffee, Wild Planet albacore tuna (no salt added), Arrowhead Mills  organic popcorn, Dried fruit  – Crispy Green freeze dried, Bare Fruit organic bake-dried, Sun Maid organic sun dried raisins or dried fruit from bulk bins, Arrowhead Mills organic puffed corn cereal, Meijer organic pure maple syrup, Carriage House pure honey, Meijer organic frozen corn, peas or fruit (no sauce added)

2 Ingredients

Meijer organic tomato paste, various Wild Planet canned fish, Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit (some organic, all non-GMO), Meijer organics butter, Oikos plain organic Greek yogurt (depending on whether you count culture as one item or each strain separately), Manischewitz whole wheat matzo, Lifeway white cheese, Lifeway organic farmer cheese

3 Ingredients

Meijer organics apple juice, Triscuit (original, reduced fat, hint of salt and thin crisp original flavors), Stretch Island fruit leather strips (some contain 3 ingredients, some more), Meijer organics canned beans , Lara bars (some with only 2 ingredients, many with 3, mostly fruit & nuts)

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