30 Meals

I recently read somewhere about a person that had a list of her family’s favorite 30 meals she used as a resource for her meal planning. I think I might have seen it on Nanny Goat, but I’m not certain. With school starting soon, and well, because I can always use help with meal planning, I decided to begin my own list of 30 meals. My list is just starting, a collection of dishes from the top of my head. I can add a salad &/or fruit to these dishes to create a complete meal. If I end up with a surprise ingredient from one of my CSAs or find a great deal on something, I can check my list for ideas on how to use it. I plan to keep this list and related recipes handy for meal planning while ordering my food from Green BEAN.

I have added my list it to the Menu Plans page in case you might like some ideas or might be interested in creating your own version of this tool. As always, the dishes are made with whole, real foods. I’ll add recipe links as I am able. If you see a dish listed you are interested in trying that I haven’t posted a recipe for, please let me know. If you have an awesome family favorite recipe, I’d love for you to share it.

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