Lists, Listing and A New Adventure- Part 2: I Believe, Healing Creed

Don’t forget to read Part 1, if you haven’t yet.

I believe, Healing Creed

  • God Almighty, Creator and Healer has put into His intelligent design of us, His beloved creation, the ability to heal so much of what is wrong, if we have the right medicine. In fact, with the right medicine, we can prevent many health issues.
  • I believe in the wisdom of the saying attributed to Hippocrates: Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
  • Jesus declared all food clean (Mark 7). Two points here, are we really just talking about the health of our bodies with respect to clean food? Or what does not defile us in the sight of God? I contend, the overly processed, modified, chemically-created, bastardized stuff we try to pass off as food isn’t in fact food. It might not defile our souls, but it isn’t according to His design and doesn’t honor Him. No, food is not salvation, but it is not realistic to expect overly processed food, plastic and chemicals to nourish the way God’s food does. God has a design for our bodies, their functioning and fuel and He provides that fuel with whole, real foods. We, in our pride, decide we can improve on His design and end up causing disease.
  • It used to be people died of contagious diseases, now it’s heart disease, diabetes etc,
  • These modern diseases are a product of our lifestyles, including eating what we want and covering symptoms with pills rather than providing the right environment for healing and proper functioning, according to God’s design. I have read many cases of modern diseases, including allergies, asthma, ADHD, autism, and autoimmune diseases being reduced or reversed with diet changes. It makes sense than God’s design would be the thing that works!
  • Grave’s disease, as well as Hashimoto’s, is a modern, thyroid auto immune disease, but it’s really just a symptom. Pills or removing or killing the thyroid with radiation is the modern protocol. But this only removes the thyroid symptoms. There is a reason the thyroid isn’t doing its job right and that is now a common modern problem. THAT is the disease.
  • Autoimmune diseases can domino. Removing/killing the thyroid might remove symptoms for a while, again, the underlying problem still exists and could very well cause additional autoimmune symptoms/disease. In fact, I have had some possible adrenal symptoms as well. These systems are all related!!
  • Wheat allergy, another common modern disease, is not (always) the disease itself, but a symptom.
  • Thyroid issues being more common in women makes me believe giving birth has an effect. Guess what else is part of the endocrine system, along with the thyroid, pancreas, pituitary and adrenal gland… Stress is a factor as well. I am much less stressed than I used to be, but I am wired type A, and the move this year has had its effect.
  • We can’t change the past, but we put effort into doing better in the future.

So if Grave’s, Hashimoto’s and other modern conditions are just symptoms of the disease of poor modern habits, will a change to “healthy” food fix it? Maybe. Back to the opening statement of misinformation, what is healthy can be confusing. Also, when damage has occurred, limiting or eliminating foods which are otherwise healthy, will help in the healing process. What does all that mean exactly?

Part 3


Not that the 3 people who read this will think otherwise, but I feel compelled to say — I’m not a doctor, just a regular old person sharing my experience and opinions based on what I’ve read. If you have health issues, I can’t be your doctor but I can be a friend and share more research (there is A LOT out there) and opinions and encourage you toward healthy choices.

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