Week 1 Challenge


If only this were as good for me as broccoli

Even though we have made great strides so far, some of these weekly challenges won’t be a walk in the park. We each have our pitfalls:

I love sugar. Finding a way to satisfy my sweet tooth within these challenges will be difficult for me. Also, I will need to become even more organized with planning certain dinners ahead. Our schedule has us out doing activities some late afternoons into evening. I will need to have a functional plan to keep us out of fast food restaurants.

My husband’s pitfalls are moderation and portion control. If he likes it, he will eat it, all of it.

My oldest daughter is awesome. What can I say? She will try any food at least once and even if she didn’t like it, if I encourage her, she will try it several times. (This is the real key to getting your kids to eat stuff they don’t like). She is not a picky eater. So, I’ll have to think on her pitfall…maybe her love of dairy & grains to the point that she will have an unbalanced diet if left unchecked.

My youngest daughter loves junk food of all kinds. She will sometimes only eat healthy food so that she can have that piece of candy or a cookie. She is also not as open as her older sister to trying new things.

Next week is Challenge #1. The challenge is to eat at least 2 fruits or vegetables with each meal.

Dinner — Between salads, pastas, stir fries, soups and pizzas, this usually isn’t a problem for us at dinner. In fact, I counted 12 different vegetables and fruits in our stir fry and salad last night. The challenge will be the temptation of eating out on busy evenings. Why is it so hard to find an inexpensive restaurant that serves actual produce?

Lunch — We usually manage 2, but much more simply, such as a side of carrot sticks and cut up fresh fruit.

Breakfast — this is where fruits & vegetables are a rarity. Occasionally, we will get some produce at breakfast as a side of fruit, in a (banana or carrot) muffin or in an omelet. But usually it’s cereal or pancakes and milk. We really need work here. Smoothies are an easy way to get some good fruit or veggies in, but maybe I can come up with at least one creative idea. Let’s see how this week goes.

How do you get more fruits and vegetables into your meals, especially breakfast?