Week 5 No Nonfat, Low Fat or Lite

Ok, so you’re thinking “I thought you were trying to eat healthier, and you’re going to eliminate low fat and non fat foods?” I know it has become counter-intuitive for us to think of full fat foods as health foods. I had been using fat free milk for years and low fat cheese too (the fat free stuff might as well be dry rotted rubber bands :P). The idea here is that the fuller fat version is less processed. There is natural nutrition in the fat that is stripped out and then added back artificially because the nutrients are important for our health. In some cases, the fat is being replaced with chemicals or processed foods such as added sugar or corn starch to make it taste good or give the expected consistency.

I have also seen “light” fruit juice. They take out some of the natural sugar and replace it with artificial sweeteners. What? I’ve never been a fan of what I call “fake sugars”, but really, in fruit juice? Again, taking out what God put in and replacing it with chemicals.

Our key to healthier food this week lies in moderation and careful selection from the options available. I will post later this week about a variety of milk and meat options, some of which I just learned about in the last few months.

BTW, we did quite well staying out of fast food restaurants and avoiding fried foods this last week. We had to have a couple of late dinners at home on evenings we are out until 7, but doing some of the chopping, mixing etc. earlier in the day helps some. I also made and posted a recipe for ChipHOMEle (my homemade version of my favorite fast food, sans the tortilla chips). I have added a few other recipes too. Check them out.

At the end of this last week, Hubby and I watched a documentary, Food, Inc. Based on that, I believe Chipotle might be the only fast food restaurant we might go to from now on. I highly recommend you watch this movie to find out more about where your food comes from and what happens to it along the way. Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food has a very good summary, but you really need to watch it to best understand it. It is available on Netflix and the Cincinnati Library has over 30 copies in their system.

Instead of just the one mid-week post this week, I will have one additional post to wrap up the budget for the last 4 weeks.

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