Week 4 Challenge — No Fast Food

We did ok in week 3. We had 4 servings of meat. We had cheeseburgers and roasted chicken from local farms. It’s the other 2 that weren’t local. We had ribs for a Father’s Day dinner at someone else’s house. The other was a total slip up on my part. One day when trying to figure out what we would have for lunch (our mornings this week turned out to be way busier than I anticipated), I decided on a turkey bacon sandwich. It wasn’t even until the next day that I realized we had had meat that probably wasn’t local. Please forgive me! If it redeems me at all, we went to the Greek festival this weekend. So much good smelling food, so many things with meat. But because we suspected the meat was probably not local, we remained meatless. Next year, we’re going to try some of those other items.

This week, our challenge is to have no fast food or deep fried foods. Hubby was disappointed to find out he couldn’t have tortilla chips with salsa. Fast food is from a restaurant with a drive-thru or where you watch them prepare your food through a glass window, a convenience store, food court, and so on. I’m disappointed that Chipotle is considered fast food. I guess the white rice isn’t best for me, anyhow.

You’ve asked, so…also this week with Hubby’s technical expertise, I plan to post some recipes.

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